ggtrack 0.1.3

  • QR now resizes automatically based on bytes to encode. This ensures QR code readability

ggtrack 0.1.2

  • add_banner now works without a ggplot input. This is useful where you just want to create the banner. Like this the banner could be placed above or below an interactive chart or map, or any other content.

ggtrack 0.1.1

ggtrack 0.1.0

  • complete minimum tests
  • complete minimum documentation
  • add codecov badge
  • update lifecycle badge to stable
  • R-CMD check passing

ggtrack 0.0.3

  • add additional API for incremental banner build
  • ability to add banner to multiple plots
  • generic print and plot functions for tracker object

ggtrack 0.0.2

  • add logo caption and QR code to tracking banner
  • rearrange order of banner elements
  • style banner area
  • add JPEG, PNG or SVG logos from URL or local file
  • add button or link to download plot with tracking banner
  • documentation in pkgdown site
  • fancy SGV hex logo

ggtrack 0.0.1

  • Currently a work in progress